Terrabithia: Snacks

I glance around the kitchen. It is massive and everything looks sterile. Way cleaner than my house. This is why they cost so much. Everything is set to acomidate the pickiest rich girl.

I talk to myself when I think sometimes. I usually don't even notice I am doing it. I didn't realize that I was comlaining about where to find some cookies until a cabinet under the counter started to blink. Then the voice over came and told me there were several different cookies and more to be requested if I needed.

I slowly walk to the door, and touch it. It feels like metal. But I know it isn't. I press gently and it pops open smoothly. Inside is like a seven-year old dream land. Every kind of cookie I have ever seen, and a lot that are entirly new to me. I deside to play it safe with some Chips ahoy. Old fashioned but good.

I grab a bag of double chocolate chunk and return to the room where lydia was waiting for me. I settle down, offering her the bag. After we are both munching, I realize there is still some tension in the air. I ask aloud what there is for entertainment.

There is bowling, cinema, skating, boxing, baseball, soccer, dodgeball, art studio, library, music room, archives, spa and much more. What would you like to do? I can give you a map to anywhere on the ship.

Lydia and I look at each other in amasement. This could be fun.

The End

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