Eris: The Sports Hall and Jake

I decide to leave the rest of the kids till later, let them settle in and get to know each other. I also wasn't in the mood to be stared at again.

I walk towards the sports hall and pull on a pair of fingerless gloves as I walk. Stepping in the door I take a deep breath and grin at Jake, the sports instructor. Jake is skilled in over 100 different sports and martial arts is one of them. He's been my best friend since I joined SEP and he always looks out for me. Everyone thinks we like each other because of the way we talk to each other but we're just friends really.

"Hey Jakey, fancy a 'rumble in the jungle'?" I laugh. Muhammud Ali was a boxer who lived way back, millions of years ago in Earth's history. He was one of the best boxers the world has ever seen and most of our boxing training was based on his style.

"Sure thing Babe, if you can handle me that is." he grins back at me and shakes a lock of his black hair out of his eyes. "Oh you're on!" I pick up a pair of boxing gloves and a disposable gumshield. "Except I fancy a round of kickboxing." I raise my eyebrow at him "Problem with that?"

He laughs and pulls on his own gloves. "Nope. Bring it on baby!" I jump up into the ring and kick off my shoes and socks. "ARIS initiate referee for kickboxing. 3 minute rounds." Jake orders.

Sequence ready

ARIS is prompt as usual. "Lets go then darlin." I smile. We start the round and I totally kick his butt as usual. Sometimes though, I wonder if he's just letting me win. I've seen him do better then this on missions. Then I lose myself completely in the fight sequence. We keep yelling stuff at each other, I lunge at him half laughing and screaming "Jake Patrick Moran you crazy Irish git, get back here till I murder you!" and Jake laughs as he ducks away from my punches yelling "Come on baby, you can do better then that!"

Neither of us notice April and Marii walk in about 3 hours later and sit down to watch until I do a spinning kick and send Jake flying halfway across the ring. He falls on his backside and sits there looking dazed and comical. I run over to him and push his hair out of his green eyes. They're completely glazed over. "Jake are you ok?" I'm worried now but then he blinks and laughs, shaking his head. "You mean thing!" I cry "I thought I'd really hurt you!" Jake grins "Nah, just damaged my pride is all. By the way, we've got company."

I look around at the two girls and then turn back to Jake. His head is tilted to the side, his hair flopping down over one eye as he looks up at me with cute puppy dog eyes that he normally uses to get me to talk to him when we're really fighting. Suddenly I realise how close we are and I jump back and blush. Damn! Now they're going to think.... I shake my head and pull off my gloves as I walk over to the girls. How long had they been sitting there and had they heard us teasing each other like couples normally do? I hoped they didn't think me and Jake were something other then friends.

The End

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