Eris: Change of mind

As I'm walking down the corridor with the two girls I change my mind about the cinema. I think I should make sure all my charges are safe and sound for the moment, relaxation and entertainment could come later.

I bring them as far as the door and then smile. "Sorry girls, I'm going to have to leave you here, I've a bit of work to do. Here's two communicators with direct links to my headset, just in case you need anything." I hand them two of the communicators out of one of the pockets of my combats. Then waving goodbye I turn and hurry off to check on the rest of the children.

I come to a door and knock on it but there's no reply so I move to the one next door, planning to return later. I knock on the door and a young girl answers it. Checking my Quitti I see that her name is Terrabithia. Ironic really, I'll read her file later on.

I introduce myself "Hello my name is Eris Dynomia Fiyelle." there's a gasp from behind her but she just looks confused and steps back from the door so I can come in. "I'm Terrabithia" she half smiles but looks sad.

There's another girl with red hair sitting on a couch in the room and I take a seat on a chair near her. She's staring at me in awe. "You know they were going to make a movie about you?" I smile at her. "I wasn't aware." I say gently. Oh great, another one who knows my 'famous' name. Terrabithia sits beside her.

"I'm your monitor for this trip" I explain all over again. "Think of me as a big sister. We all have to pull together for this trip. It's not going to be an easy one. The ship is so big it will take possibly a week and a half to get to Titan." I inform them.

"Later on I'll gather you all in the sports hall for an information talk and I'll explain everything then." I look over at Terrabithia. She reminds me a lot of my little sister Dinége. I shrug the memory of Dinége away and concentrate on the Quitti once again. "You must be Lydia" I turn to the red headed girl. She nods.

"Is that your room next door?" I ask and she nods again.

Oh great, am I scary or something?

"Here's two communticators in case you need me at all." I put two more small earpieces on the table and then stand up "I'll see you later then" I turn and go to leave. Just as I'm going out the door I hear Lydia whisper to Terrabithia "She's the only female to get full marks in the carrier test. I wonder how she did it? She looks so young."

I shake my head and wish I'd never taken the test. But something tells me it will come to be something I'm glad of in the future.


The End

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