Terrabithia: Friends?

I welcome the girl and she steps in. I walk past her and tell her to make herself at home. I lead her into the living area. This suite of rooms is about five times as big as my old house. The ship is ginormous, even to others. this is the last ans most advanced ship to save people from the dying sun.

We settle down, and we chat. Her red hair is shorter than mine. I learn a lot about her.

Her name is Lydia. Her least favorite animal is the spider, and she is younger than me. By less than a year, but still. After a little bit, she asks if I am going to meet anyone on Titan. I tell her no, and rise to retreive snacks.

I am alone from here on out. I have no family what so ever waiting for me on Titan. When the sun is finished, so will my family. They say that money problems were bad even back then. They say they got a lot better. But they are not good enough. I never had time to go to school. I learned all my history and mathematics from others talking by where I work.

I guess it shouldn't suprise me that alot of kids here are more welthy than me. They charged for it so the poor weaklings could not survive. Few others know this, but I know  a lot, just not from books.

The End

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