Eris: If you need anything...

I change into more comfortable clothes, a pair of combats and a black tshirt. I leave my long black hair pulled back in a french plait and grab my headset from my back. It will keep a direct line open for me if I need to reach any personnel on the ship.

As ARIS (Artificial Robotic Intelligence System) downloads the information on my charges to the Quitti (similar to what originally would have been called an iPad) I pull on a pair of black runners and then stand up.

Download Complete

"Thanks ARIS." I grab the Quitti and step out of my room just in time to see two girls wander up the corridor. They look a little lost and I glance down at the Quitti and quickly find their pictures. Ah, two of mine so.

"Hi" I smile warmly and walk up to them. "I'm your...well I suppose you could say 'monitor' for the duration of this trip. Think of me as an older sister and we'll get along fine. I'm not here to tell you what to do, more what not to do. If you need anything just ask me. That's my room there." I laugh. "I'm in charge of your safety and comfort basically. Oh and I almost forgot, my name is Eris Dynomia Fiyelle but you can call me Eris."

One of the girls gasps and looks at me in awe. "I've heard of you! You're the girl who passed the carrier test with full marks when you were only 18."

I laugh again "God I feel ancient! You make it sound so long ago, it was only last year." I blush "I didn't realise I was so famous for it anyway..."

I look down at the Quitti again and smile "Ah you must be April." she nods and grins. I turn to the other girl and smile "And you're Marii yes?" she grins "Yep that's me."

"Where are you girls heading to?" I ask. "Ummm... the cinema?" April looks down at the minimap she holds in her hand and giggles "I think..."

I smile at her and turn it around in her hand "You're going the wrong way." She looks at Marii and the two of them look at me. Then we all burst out laughing. "Here I'll take you there. I was thinking of going myself to watch Avatar."

The girls look at me in surprise "We want to see it too!" they say together.

I put the Quitti in my pocket. "Then let's go together. I hope you don't mind if I join you?"

The End

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