April : Flying

I lie on my back on the double bed, watching the stars fly by above me, music blasting out of the invisible speakers. It gets a bit boring after a while.

"Um, excuse me," I say awkwardly, wondering if the female robot hears it or not. "Can I see a map of the spaceship and a list of the entertainments please?"

"Of course, are you looking for relaxation or excitement?" The female robotic voice returns. A map shows on the screen behind my bed.

"Relaxation for now please. In fact, is there a cinema here?"

"There sure is, I will direct you to it by the nearest route." A small solid metal pad sticks out from the wall. I take it, and 3-D buildings project themselves upwards. Another voice speaks out at me, and a red spot represents where I am. I head towards the door and open it.

"Please turn left." It says to me.

I poke my head outside the slide door. No one is in sight.

"Eh hem," the door is talking to me. "May I ask if you are heading outside or staying inside?"

"Oh sorry," I reply, "I'm going out." I step into the corridor and the piece of metal slides back into place after a beep.

I sound the buzzer next to Marii's compartment door.

"Hello?" Her voice travels out of the speaker.

"Hey Marii," I answer, "Wanna go to the cinema? I thought maybe Avatar would be cool to do. We can pick a character to be. It'll be really fun." The door slides open.

"Sure," she smiles at me. "Let's go!"

The End

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