Eris: Goodbye Earth

My name is Eris Dynomia Fiyelle. My mother liked the idea of naming me after a planet and the goddess of chaos. I'm 19 years old. When I was 16 I joined the SEP (Space Exploration Project) and at 18 I became the first female to pass the carrier ship program test with full marks. Even so I refuse to fly one. Instead I stick to combat ships and equipment safety management.

I am worried about this voyage. The Captain is not a bad captain, in fact, he is a very good man. I'm just worried that he is not skilled enough to be put in charge of the most important carrier ship to leave the planet we call Earth.

You see, this ship carries the most important cargo to leave the planet. Apart from it being the last ship to depart from Earth, it is also the only ship full of children, Earth's children. The last generation to be born on a dying planet.

I drop my pack on the floor of my room and sigh as I think about my mother and two brothers. With luck they had already reached Titan and they would be safe in my apartment on the small moon. They left two weeks ago aboard the ship Atlantis. It was the first ship to leave Earth. It seems funny that they left on the first one and now I'm leaving on the last.

Welcome Eris.

The computer greeted me in a robotic tone I was used to.

"Call me up a list of those I'm keeping an eye on in this quarter."

The computer instantly projects a list of names and photos of the children who were in my section of the ship. I was in charge of their welfare. I had to make sure they got to Titan alive.

Looking out the window before it closes I take a last look at Earth. I said my goodbyes long ago but still. "Goodbye." I whisper to the people left behind.

The End

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