Terrabithia: Hi

As soon as we take off, I worry if I have made the right choice. I will never see my family again. Never again will I see trees or flowers or cats or butterflies. All of the native life forces I have grown up with is gone and will never be seen by me again.

I am sure most of the others on this last ship to life will have recorders. I only have the memories that I have acumulated over the past thirteen years. My mom knew that something was up, but she wanted to have her child. She named me Terrabithia, to remind me of the planet on which I was born.

As soon as the voice over says that we are free to leave our cabin, I hear a knock on my door. I get up and there is a girl standing there. I welcome her in. I don't want to make enemies before I have a reason. I am strong enough to protect myself, even though I don't look it.

The End

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