Lydia Mersons

Leaving is hard. Harder than I thought. It's not like everyone is always on earth every day, but I've lived here all my life. I've never seen any other planet before. I'm on the spaceship now. I'm listening to stories of the old days to take my mind off things. Like when the biggest mountain was Mount Everest, and no-one could climb it within a day. And everyone that did climb it had a risk of dying. Things like this really interest me. It's weird, coz Mount Everest is one of the smallest mountains now, and it's like walking up a hill. I know from experience. Anyway... Being 12 and a half isn't one of the best things. Other people - older people - are way better off. Like, when you're 15 you can live on your own. So you don't have to be fostered when your parents go on an extended holiday. I have horrible foster parents, my little sister's nice though. There are other people on the ship too, and I really want to meet them. I've been really lonely. It's really annoying that you're not allowed to move from your room til' lift off. OK, maybe I spoke too soon. The ship flies into space. I get up and transfer the stories from the radio onto my Ziffer. Which (for those of you who still reckon you're in the 21st century) is like one of those whatzi-ma-jig - iPod, that's it - things that my gran uses, except it's really small and fits into your ear like a hearing aid. You can move music and stuff onto it by dragging your finger across the source of sound and then touching the Ziffer. I open the door and see lots of rooms opposite me. As I lean out, my long red hair brushes my arm. I only just manage to stifle the scream. See, my hair keeps brushing my arm, and it feels like a spider. I have a massive fear of spiders, and if you've seen the size if them these days you'll know why. I calm myself and catch sight of my eyes in the metal wall. Brown. Ugh. My eyes change colour every day they're normally a more exciting colour. I make sure my clothes are straight and knock on one of the doors.

The End

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