Feo: Aboard

I took one last shot with my Planclir. I would miss home. My new house would probably be so much different. I would have to make new friends, and everything would be so different. This ruined planet, despite it's terrible history and ugly, ruined frame, was still home. I would miss it, though I had to go.

I liked to keep keepsakes of everything. I wanted to bring some sort of living creature aboard, despite the fact that they weren't allowed. I had a jar of cyanobacteria. Still the most populos living thing on earth. They needed plenty of carbon dioxide, which was what the atmosphere on earth was now, mainly. They survived well.

I boarded the ship, looking back as the door closed. I found my room, and pressed my finger to the scanner. It opened, and I dragged a few bags in with me. I had already set up most of my stuff, having taken it in beforehand. Small tables populated the room. I had keepsakes of so many things. Newspaper articles that I had specialy preserved, from the time long long ago.

A bottle of water had some of the last known snow on earth, which I had kept and melted. I held it in a special bottle to prevent water from getting out, as it was quite toxic.

I danced around my other keepsakes, an old woven blanket, a piece of wood, a "photo" of my great grandmother and my great grandfather.

Planclirs were piled in a tremendous stack in the corner. Many things were still packed in bags. I took out of the bag I was carrying my jar of cyanobacteria. I took out another jar with some ancient baking soda and ancient, but clean, dirt. I gave a little of the mix to my cyanobacteria, and set it on a table.

"Cyo, you're so cute!" I said to my jar. It didn't move. Such old strains of life didn't react to human voice. "Oh well. Cyo, I'm going to go and see who my neighbours are. I'll be back!"

I danced out of my room, and looked at the door next to mine. Terrabithia. Huh. What a name. Well, I had nothing to brag about. Feo meaning ugly. But Terrabithia...  earth something or other, I think.

I knocked. "Hello?" I asked.

The End

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