April : Leaving Planet Earth

I step onto the spaceship, Marii following close behind me. We pick one corridor to walk down out of loads others, looking for an empty room. A room or compartment can be occupied when you enter your fingerprint into the fingerprint scanner outside every door. The database remembers your fingerprint, and that becomes your key. No one else can get into your room but you! Useful if you lose things, you can't possibly lose your finger print! And one person can only have one room. Marii and I find two empty rooms next to each other so we both press our fingers onto the scanner. It beeps then the door slides open, revealing a medium-size room with screen walls. A toilet is built into the suite (including a jacuzzi and sauna ), a double bed, and a chair, which can be altered into any sort of sitting furniture you may want. By a press of a button, it changes into a sofa-bed, on which I dump my backpack on.

"Welcome, April, to the last spaceship leaving planet Earth." A female robotic voice projects into my room. I slip my feet into some soft slippers on the polished wooden floor. "We hope to make your journey here as comfortable as possible. We shall update you on any changing travel plans, and if you like, a tour of the galaxy is available." One side of the wall turns into a window, and I see people outside entering the spaceship one by one.

"Thank you." I reply to the screen, nodding my head. "Can I enter a playlist?"

"Certainly, all of our walls here are soundproof. You can have a full-on party here, and your immediate neighbours won't hear a thing at all." I smile, maybe this wouldn't be too bad.

The End

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