April : Goodbye

I fill my bag in with my last Panclir. I have loads of them, all labeled. Things like when I went to Mars on a school trip, and the first time I ate candyfloss, ancient treat that the human race used to produce. Not anymore, because this planet is going to basically burn. All this, billions of years of work on it, now we have to start from scratch all over again on Titan. I suppose it's better than getting blown up though. The maps that displays on my electronic wall shows Earth billions of years ago, and Earth now. All the icecaps have melted and now the top of the used-to-be Russia has disappeared, and so has the bottom of Brazil. I compare the two with a touch on my touchscreen wall and sigh. Global warming, they used to call it. The fit-suit I am wearing gets a bit warm, so I turn the heat down and instantly cool.

Heading outside, I start my flo-car causally, I'd be taking it with me. A flo-car driving test can be performed when you are twelve. My mum got this for me on my twelveth birthday this year, I passed on my first go. I press the buttons for a track to take me to the spaceshiport then press the green button. My flo-car whizzes off, hovering over the ground smoothly. I feel the wind in my hair, and I figure that, since this is the last time I'd be on Earth, using a blank Panclir would be a good idea. I capture the few precious moments, promising myself to play it when I reach Titan, and to panclirise Titan too.

The End

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