Marii:Last chance to see

I stand next to the ship, looking up at the sun. It's so big and red. I've seen a Spherical of what it used to look like. Apparently it was smaller, all yellow and warm. People even used it for heat and light most of the time! It's hard to believe. It doesn't give much light, though heat isn't a problem. That's why we have to leave. It's the last ship to Titan ever. Someone comes up behind me.

"Hey Marii, come on, the ship's leaving soon," says my best friend April.

"I know, but look at that. Hey, one moment," I say, taking a silver ball out of my pocket. A long dead game called something like tennis used balls about the same size. It's a Panclir, like an old fashioned camera, but it doesn't just capture the sight of one thing. It captures everything including sights, sounds, smells and things like heat and wind. The really high-tech ones are used to make Sphericals. I take a five klic capture, then put it back in my pocket. I turn to April.

"Shall we go then?" I say.

"Let's. Or we might get left behind," says April. We go up into the ship and find our compartment.

The End

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