I was born on November 1st, 2000; or so they tell me. I lived for the first six years of my life in an orphanage. Nobody wanted to take me home, I was too serious and reserved for them. They wanted a fun and playful child, someone they could actually love. So when my current parents adopted me, I didn’t complain, but I never understood why they did. It’s quite obvious they couldn’t give a damn about me, and by the time I was adopted, they already had a pair of twin boys.

They’ve never paid any attention to my school, my whereabouts or my life in general. I could walk out at three in the morning for a stroll, and they’d wave goodbye, lifelessly from the window. Maybe if they paid a little attention, they’d realize I was...well...not normal. I have...abilities.  I wish I didn’t have them. I wish they would go away. It makes me feel stranger than I already am. Sometimes I look up at the stars and wonder if there is a single person in the world like me, it makes me smile to think that maybe, just maybe there is someone like me, who may actually accept me; freak or not freak.

    I looked up at the ceiling. It was leaking again. Damn. That’s the problem with living on the top floor; when the rain comes in, the ceiling falls through. I watched it drip for some time, then, made one drop stop, before it could break into a million tiny glittering shards. I watched carefully as it froze. It was still there, my ability. I could freeze water, or any liquid for that matter.  

I dropped the ice crystal to the floor and watched it break into a million crystal shards, before picking up my bags, and walking out the front door. Id left my parents a note- “I’m going camping, be back in a few days” , they wouldn’t mind, the only thing was, I wasn’t planning on coming back, till I'd found what I was looking for;  someone like me.

The End

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