I walked down my empty street. It was the middle of summer, a cool evening but there was no wind, and yet, my hair swirled around my head. My real name is Ocyale, but most  people call me Osy, kind of like Aussi. It was easier to say than my entire name. I made little movements with my hands as I walked and mini tornadoes turned up all over the ground.

I heard yelling from across the street and made my hands automatically into fists, ceasing the wind. A girl ran from the house, closing the door quietly behind her. Then, snow started falling around her. Snow in summer? She stuck her hand down in one of the small snow banks around her and I saw her shiver. She started running, the snow following her, and I ran after her, catching up effortlessly because of the wind.

"Hey," I said. The girl stopped and whipped her head around. "Where are you going?"

"Nowhere," she said coldly.

"How'd you do that?" I asked.


"The snow!" I said.

"What snow?" she said again. She tried to look confused but I could see that she knew what I was talking about.

"Wait! You're different too!" I said. I unclenched my hands and twirled them in the air. A tornado popped up behind us and picked up her snow.

"Woah," she said.

"How'd you do the snow?" I asked again, re-clenching my hands so the tornado disappeared. She looked at the snow collecting around her then back up at me.

"Well," she said.

The End

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