The Month Children

In the new Millenium something special happened. In the first second of every month a baby was born, by December the cycle was complete. Six boys, six girls. Now at aged 15 (its set in the future) thier powers are coming alive and people are scared. People are after them...


I was sitting in my swing under my humble tree branch listening to the breeze. Today was my fifteenth birthday and for some strange reason, I felt reborn. I was not normal. I knew that. For one I was born at exactly midnight on 1st May. The doctors said it was the most strangely timed birth ever. The second thing was....I was special. I was not like other teens, I was strange and I had powers.

I made this swing, you could say with my barev hands. When I was 10, I wanted a swing. I got a plank of bolserwood and lots and lots of string. Everytime I made it, it broke. I was so sad. Then, I stared at my hands. The centres were glowing rainbows. It was ubsurd. Red and Blue banners shot from my left hand while Yellow and Green shot from the other. They tied around the plank and branch to form a swing. I was magic, magic May.

The End

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