Irena: Slitted Eyes

"Slitted.... eyes..... Gervase. Oh my god" I turned and looked at Gervase and he nodded.

"I worked it out just as I got here. 'Gervase watch out for slitted eyes', that was the message" he said with a nod. Belle's eyes widened as she began to understand.

"We need to watch out for them. Anyway, we need to get going. I spotted a club on my way here that looked familiar. Then I remember its where I picked Paul up one night and he was as scared as hell. I guess we should start there" I say with a stern voice.

I lead them straight to the bar that has a tram stop close to it. I glupped as I heard raving music pounding out from within. "Are we sure this is a good idea?" Belle whispers. I look at her and shrug.

"Its the only clue we got" Gervase said sternly before storming into the bar. I looked at Belle then we scurried to follow him. When we get in there its even worse. There are girls wearing things that just plainly look like underwear. Then the worst, a table across the dance floor in the centre filled with gangster looking men holding guns.

"Guys, those gangsters... they've got slitted" Belle whispers. I focus harder and see she's right.

"Do we avoid them... or talk to them?" I question. No one speaks up and I gesture to the bar. "How about we just keep an eye on them? If one of them breaks off.... one of us should follow him while the others keep watch"

"That's to dangerous. We couldn't take on one of them. Even without the gun" Gervase hissed.

"I could" I tell him. "I'm unbeaten in martial arts and I know how to fight dirty"

"Lets just sit down first" Belle sighed. We go and take a table in the corner just able to see the main table. Although, its hard not to.

The End

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