Belle: Policemen

"Matthew, where is Fargate?" I asked as he handed me what must have been my tenth cup of coffee that evening.

"You don't know where Fargate is?"

"No. I'm from London."

"You've lived in Sheffield for six years."

"That's beside the point."

"Belle, I despair for you," he rolled his eyes. "Fargate is town."

"Oh," I said, feeling like a complete and utter idiot. "I knew that."

"You're so stupid."

Well, great. I lived about a trillion miles from town, and I already knew the buses near my house didn't run at night. Especially midnight. And to make matters worse, my car had broken down. 

 "Can you give me a lift at about half eleven?" I asked.

"No." Matthew responded before I'd finished, looking at me as if I'd gone insane. "Why would you want to go to town at bloody midnight?"

"Doesn't matter."

"If I give you a lift will you tell me?"


He actually ended up giving me a lift, but I would have to spend the rest of the week driving him to and from uni. He also decided that he was going to become a housemate until Joe was found, which was just typical of him. 

While I waited, fifteen minutes early, for Irena and Gervase outside H&M (which was probably the wrong place), I noticed how many police cars there were, and how many were walking around. They all looked vaguely similar, but then it was just like me to notice something pointless like that. I could almost hear Joe's voice in my head. Of course they look similar, he'd say if he was here, they're walking past you.

Then two of them glared at me, and again I noticed those slitty eyes and that shiny hair again. It just wasn't natural. 

I'd better watch out for those. I thought, They're creepy. And suspicious. They have something against me.

The policemen moved on. 

A light, but icy wind blew and I shivered, wishing I'd brought a coat. Then a nearby street lamp flickered and then went off just before it started raining. Damn Sheffield weather. I gave the lamppost an I-Hate-You look, before someone tapped my shoulder.

"AH! Sheesh, don't do that!" I breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Sorry," Irena apologised.

"It's OK. Can I have your phone number?"

"Yeah," we exchanged phone numbers, then I asked of she knew where Gervase was. "Dunno. Maybe we should go look for him."


We walked around the suddenly quite empty town for a bit, and when I spotted Gervase I tapped Irena and pressed my fingers to my lips. 

"Look at the policemen," I whispered under my breath.

"They're just staring at him," she whispered back. "Why are  doing that?"

"How am I supposed to know?" I hissed. "Maybe we should stop them."

"You're right. Act natural," she told me. "They probably just think he's a bit suspicious in town on his own at midnight." Then she put a relieved smile on her face, grabbed my arm and marched over to Gervase. "Gervase! We were looking for you!"

I saw what she was doing and made myself look apologetic. "I'm really sorry we're late. We got a bit lost on the way." It was the same two policemen who were glaring at me earlier. Ungh, those eyes!

Irena and I shot Gervase identical Play-Along looks. He nodded and smiled, rolling his eyes.

"I wondered where you'd got to. I was about to ring you," he shook his head.

Irena looked at the policemen. "I'm sorry if we were wasting your time," she said, with a hint of Please-Go-Away in her voice.

I gave them a subtle You-Can-Leave-Now expression, and Gervase announced that we were in a rush for emphasis. They got back in their car and drove off.

"Bloody slitty eyes," I muttered to myself. Gervase and Irena looked at me as if I'd just given them an idea.

The End

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