Gervase: Trouble

We all went back to our respective homes with the aim of meeting on Fargate in the witching hour. Things turned violent at those times. Sheffield was not a quite crumpet village, it was a large industrious town where anything was possible.

I had been reading Jane's notes all day. Remembering her adorably loopy handwriting that I longed to possess. Now all I longed to possess was her.

vase look out for sli

There were many clues to solving this if only I knew how to. It was unlike the other handwriting but I could recognise it was still Jane's. That meant something had happened when she was writing it. It was rushed. It was also on a blank page without any notes. It wasn't linked to any of her experiments. The thing that hit me most was that Jane started every sentance with a capital letter. Even texts. It was her pet hate when people missed out capital, why would she?

"Ah, crap!" I exclaimed to myself. I left my empty house and made my way to my car. During the drive to 'Atkinsons' I pondered more and more over the 'vase' bit. Could it be an ending of a word? It was just after the smouldered paper. What word ended in vase?

I parked the car and walked down to Fargate. Think Gervase, Think! Wait!? Ger-vase. Perhaps it was a note to me. I was sure that was the answer. If only I could work out what sli was.  

I suddenly became away of the only other parked car at this time. A police car. The two men stared at me...with their slighted eyes.  


The End

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