Gervase: Clues

I was searching around, and for what. My efforts were pointless. If apparatus such as bunsen burners and crucibles were redused to powder then how would a notebook last. What had caused this destruction? Some things were just badly vandilised by what looked like blades or claws while other things were black and charred rubble

"I found a book?" Irena shouted. I spun on my heels and almost glided over to the hysteric girl. She held the remains of the book in her hands. The 'loves-a-lot' bear was no more and several of the pages were black or missing. It had survived but not unscatched.

Irena flicked through it trying to make sense of the scientific formulae. I recognised bits and bobs but without the full picture it was confusing gibberish

"I think they discovered something. Something new" Irena deduced.

"J-Jane mentioned something like that" I choked knowingly. There project had been something to do with this new organism that they discovered. It behaved unlike any other cell structure in the known animal kingdom.

"Do you think this had anything to do with them dissapearing?" Belle asked hopefully. I refused to answer not brave enough to reveal I didn't know

"Look!" Irena gasped when she flicked to the last page. There was a quickly scribbled message that had been harshly burnt. As we saw it, it read:

'vase, look out for sli' the letter after sli could have been an 'l' or a 't'. This mystery was getting more and more mysterious.

The End

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