Irena - Snow

I looked at the lab. I'd only been here once... and that was cause I came to meet up with Paul but then Musto had gotten away and I had chased him back inside. I didn't think that Jane would be so harsh on him. Although, she acted how I would if I was guarding a secret.

I looked up- "OUCH!" I yelped. I heared a mumbling noise ahead stop and I creeped forward to see two people. "Uh.... who are you?"

They both looked in tears. "I'm... I'm Belle"

"I'm Gervase"

"Oh, Jane's girlfriend and Joe's brother" I mumbled suddenly distracted by something. I leant down and dusted out the photo. I stared at it with tears in my eyes. It was me and Paul messing around in ski gear. Louis had taken that photo. The best time of my life. "What happened?"

I looked at the other two but was met by pure confusion. Then realisation hit me. I began scanning the room. Where was Musto? "What are you looking for?"

"The cat. Musto... my brothers cat. He took him everywhere" I mumbled as I began to call his name. Then I found him. "Oh god!" I stumbled back into Gervase and we all stared. All stared at the corpse of the dead cat, a bullet in his head. "This isn't right"

"The police must of seen this"

"They won't help" I snapped.

"The police" Gervase said confused. Me and Belle nodded and then looked at one another.

"We'll have to do this ourselves" Belle said simply. I knew we all agreed. First things first....where to start?

"We should check Jane's notebook" Belle was the first to look at Gervase for I was grabbing a blanket I'd found to lie it over Musto. Then I look at Gervase. He looked a bit embarassed but then calmed. "It will still be here in the rumble"

"Lets get looking then" I say standing up and stuffing the photo into my pocket.

The End

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