I cruised along the quiet street taking in the beautiful scenery to my left. The green hills breathed in harmony with the rocky landscape. This area was one of my favourite. Picturesque in all seasons and the perfect location for a nice walk. There were very few who appreciated the natural beauty of the Sheffield border making it the ideal location to place a labratory. If anything went wrong very few people were hurt.

Sheffield was beautiful but inside the labratory was something even more stunning: Jane, my girlfriend. As I closed the car door I noticed the window that overlooked the moors was shattered to pieces. It was very large and took up almost all of the wall. 

"Jane?" I called as I approach the remains of the window. I had never been allowed in because I didn't work there and it might be dangerous. To catch Jane's attention, I had waited by this window. It was my daily routine. I had always picked her up from work. But not today. When I stared into the lab nobody was there. All the apparatus was smashed and shattered. All of Jane's hard work scattered along the floor and up the cracked wall.

I clambered into the lab and began investigating. It looked like there had been an explosion but there was no sign of human life. It was as if Jane and her two co-workers had vanished suddenly

I gasped when I boot crunched down on something glass. I peered down. Jane's glasses. So she had been here and left her glasses behind.

"Hello?" someone called sending horrific chills up my spine "Joe? Are you here?"

Joe was one of Jane's co-workers and was also being searched for. The woman searching for Joe seemed more desperate than I and her voice sounded tearful. She appeared at the window and saw me. Her face filled with such pain when she saw it was not Joe.

"Y-You're Jane's boyfriend. I've seen you before. Where's Joe?" I gulped wishing I wasn't here.

"He's gone" we simultaneously broke down into tears, longing for those closest to our hearts. What hurt me most was I had no clues, no leads, no ideas at all about what happened to her. I had to find the truth.

The End

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