I giggled and squeled as Louis tickled me. Then the doorbell rang. "Louis! Stop! The Door!" I chuckled as he rolled me over so I lie beneath him. I smiled cheesily which was hidden by his as we shared a kiss. I then pushed him off me and walked away giggling. As I left the room I looked over my shoulder to see him smiling arrogantly from the sofa.

I was shaking my head as I answered the door and that immediatly stopped when I saw them. Two policemen dressed in uniform with grim faces. The smile fell from my face. "What's.... What's wrong?" I felt a pressence behind me and looked over my shoulder to find Louis directly behind me leaning on the doorframe over my shoulder. The policemen looked at each other then one coughed.

"Are you Irena Fabio?" The policeman asked. I nodded unable to speak and reached for Louis' other hand, gripping it tightly. "I'm sorry to say, mam, but your brother is missing and presumed dead. We have no leads and will not be able to investigate futher"

I stood frozen and then the tears began to flow. I covered my mouth with my hand and sob began to breach my lips. I slowly slid to my knees and began wailing into my hands. Louis kneeled down besides me and wrapped his arms around me. I heard the policemen shift slightly.

"We must be off... We have two more families to visit" The policeman said. The other one still remaining silent. I looked at him to only see the slitted eyes of a cat before he turned away following the other policeman. It was then... I fainted.


I woke up in my own bed with Louis sat in the chair beside me. He was asleep his mouth wide open. A small smile spread across my lips... then I remember. The happiness was drained from me.

I pressed my face into my pillow and once again began crying with the tear soaking the fabric then the pillow itself. My wails of pain soon awoke Louis and he pulled me into his arms into an instant. "He can't be gone" I cried. "He can't be gone let alone dead. He wouldn't leave me. Why aren't they going to try and find him? Why?!?"

"Honey, I.... Maybe they can't. They have no leads" Louis whispered. I shoved him away and glared into his face.

"They should at least try" Louis stayed silent and looked back at me with a grim expression. I instantly felt regret and fell back into his arms. "He's the only family I have left"

"I know, Babe. I know" Louis whispered.


I didn't understand why no one seemed to care. Except for Louis but even he wasn't willing to help search properly. "We'll put up posters" he said but I wanted to do more than that. He said, we couldn't that it was police work. It wasn't like the police was doing anything. So I made the desision then. Who else better to search for my brother than myself? I knew this city. I knew my brother.

The End

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