The Monsters Under Your Bed

In the large but cold city of Sheffield there were three scientists. Now they're gone and three of the closest people to them are looking for them.... But they don't know what they'be got themselves into.

The Lab was quiet as the three figures huddled around the computer screen. "Jane..... this is phenomenal" A male but young voice whispered.

"I know.... Joe, what are thoses?" Jane asked gesturing to the other figure before point at the screen.

"I.... I'm not sure. They look like-"

"Oh my god!" The young male voice gasped interrupting. "Are you sure this is right, Jane?"

Jane sighed and pushed a hand back through her messed out hair. "Yes, Paul. I'm sure. I don't make mistakes thats why I'm on this team, remember?"

"Oh... yeah. Sorry" Paul mumbled. Joe patted Paul's back in a friendly yet almost brotherly gesture even though they were not related in anyway. Unless, sharing a room for many hours of the day a week counted as being related in some shape or form.

"We need to get these to-" Bang! Crash! Smash! "Why the hell am I always being irrupted?!?" Joe yelled spinning round thinking he'd find the cat, Musto, that was Paul's but no it wasn't the cat. "Uh, guys..."

Slowly Jane and Paul turned round and froze. Then slowly Jane rose from her chair where she had been seated. Silently they moved to the otherside of the desk putting that in the way. "What do you want?" Paul snapped demandingly.

"You" a cold voice hissed making all three of the people shiver. They all grabbed out for something. Jane came up with a firm metal bar, Joe cracked off a wooden chair leg and Paul..... Jane and Joe looked at him with an annoyed glare as he held up a plastic ruler then shook their heads. Paul blushed and grabbed a metal tray.

"Come and get us scaredy cats!"

The End

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