Alexander: New Mission

When the time came we set off down the corridor to the chiefs office. There we were, two guys who hated each other but were very good at hiding it. But, we found our moments, little sessions where we acted like friends. Listening to and care for one another.

 Charles knocked out the door snapping me out of my daydream. I breathed deeply and followed my fellow agent into the office where Mr. Jarmon was sat before a large map of the United States

"You may be wondering why a British organisation is working in America" he began raising both our eyebrows. Work in other countries was nearly unheard among agents, especially to other continents. As we sat down he continued "to boost good relationships we're sending our best men to 1863 to stop a mole in the civil war. The Yanks are doing the same to an earlier war for even better results. We could save thousands of lives and prematurely end slavery. This is a big mission"

I noticed Charles glance over at me while Jarmon stood up. I could read the former like a book, he was thinking of trying to outdo me on this mission...again. He really was a sly git.

"You will be stationed in Virginia" Jarmon continued pointing at his map "at the battle of Chancellorsville. For two weeks you will live like Civil War soldiers and try to find out who the mole is whilst...trying to stay alive. But never fear you know we can prevent death on a mission by just travelling further back in time. So you'll be leaving tomorrow. See you in 200 years!"  

The End

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