The mission of time

Secret agents travelling back in time to solve crimes

I waited nervously for the DNA test results to come in. The second I heard my phone bleep I wretched it out my pocket and looked around for anyone listening. All was safe. Only I knew this murder had taken place. I read the results then stared at the bed where the woman had been killed. The great thing about catching 18th cenury criminals was that they would never guess you could catch them from their fingerprints and hair cells. The DNA results proved the murderer was Mr. Knightsbridge. My orignal culprit was innocent but nobody has to know that.

I quietly left the murder scene and trotted down the old staircase. Mr. Knightsbridge was joking with the Earl of Suffolk, my orignal suspect. Knightsbridge was clever with making me fall into such an easy trap. The Earl had new connections with the late Miss Manshire after an arranged marriage between her and the earl's son. It was he who invented the murdered lady to this party and his pocket was keeping her stolen necklace safe. Knightsbridge was more than a murderer, he was a selfish beast who deserves to be caught. But then again had I been a Georgian investigator I would have arrested the Earl and Knightsbridge would have got away with his evil deed. But I was not from this place, I was from a place where crime doesn't pay...the future. 

"May I have a word Mr. Knightsbridge?" I asked once he and the Earl had finished laughing. The rich man nodded and the two of us set off walking through the building. Once out of sight I grabbed him by his colour and threw him out the back door.

"Chief!" I gasped after phoning headquaters "I caught him"

"Excellent!" the chief roared "Come back to 2062 immedietely. We're sending Gregson to make the arrest because we need you back on campus for an important mission. Possibly our biggest yet!" 

The End

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