He Be Crazy

Just OCD in general

Hello, mein Freund,

It's me again, trying to be important, again. I'm your imp, inside your head, always trying to casue panic attacks and awkward conversations with your pyschologist. Yes, he understands that your a loony that chcks lock, lighters, the stove, the light, all the time, without res. But honstly, he's just trying to squeeze research information out of you for his new book. Or maybe, just maybe, he doesn't care. No one cares. But they enjoy to make fun of you, and hurt you, for doing something and nothng, but they hate you for dong everything you're supposed to do. Heck, I hate that, too. Im here so that you can keep me company, the imp. Please don't go away, even though I know you can't. THere are mistakes evrywhere on this little exercise. Are you going to correct them, edit, perhaps?

Shut up, imp. I'm on medication now, and eating healthy, and losing weight, by lifting weights. I'm witing again, without ear of bad press, because, hey, all press is good pres. Don't ever come back here, excpt to save my hide when I need a little paranoia. Thanks for those few times, but you[re unnecssary now. I have self esteem of a 2 year old now. Belly out and all. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do now. I'll succeed. You and Depression can go together to wear you belong, a part o me, but not me. Hide in the deep recess of my mind, and STAY THERE!

The End

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