The matter of 'matter'

Ok, I do realise this is absolute nonsensical crap but I'm feeling philosophic, alright?

Existence is fleeting. We’re told to live life to the fullest, and make every day count but does it really matter? When you think about the grand scheme of things, why would it matter that you haven’t made the best you could out of your day?

We’re insignificant and tiny. You know, there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on earth. Our sun is a star and it keeps us and plenty of other systems going, keeps us alive. So, ask yourself: if our sun is doing so much for us, what could all those other trillions upon trillions of stars be doing for other things? What the hell is out there? Why is it there? Why are we here? Questions upon questions spawned minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. Those questions will never be answered. Never.  That is the only thing of which I can be truly certain.

Failed that exam? It doesn’t matter. Think you’re ugly? You don’t matter. Think I’m ugly? I don’t matter. Got the best friends in the whole wide world? They don’t matter. How could any of it matter when there is so much more out there? If life on earth didn’t exist, or earth itself, would that make any difference to the rest of the known and unknown universe? To infinite space and time? No, it wouldn’t. Without fail, that is absolute.

There are always people out there that would tell you: “You are special! You have a purpose!”. Even if this is true, once you’ve served that purpose, do you not become obsolete? And obsolete objects need not exist. But I am brought back to my earlier question: “Why are we here?”. If there is no point in us being here, then why are we? That slight seed of doubt brings me at least a small bit of hope for your lives as well as my own.

 And so-“He doesn’t matter, she doesn’t matter. We do not matter.”Becomes-“He probably doesn’t matter. She probably doesn’t matter. We probably do not matter.”

The End

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