Rose: BreakingMature

"No!" I screamed shoving myself out of his arms. "You're lying! Tell me you're lying!"

William wouldn't answer. He wouldn't speak or even look at me that moment. I turned and feld from the room through the door he had left open. I avoided the main stairwell rushing to the corner one which led straight to the kitchen. I ran down them my heels clicking on the stone. I felt the cold air biting at my skin as I ran into the garden through the kitchen back door. I noticed snow had start to fall and I looked up at the sky.

I didn't care it was cold. I ran up the lawn to my hiding place. I curled up there hidden and undiscoverable. No one but William knew about this place and he didn't truly understand how special it was too me.

I lay in the stone alcove on the ledge crying not caring that slowly I fell to sleep. Not caring about the dangers of staying out in such cold weather in such thin clothes. I merely wanted everything to go away. I wanted to return to the present day where I had a family. A mother, a father and two very annoying little brothers but still... I had a proper bubbling, life filled family. Non of this scandal. And William... he came from the present day as well.

Maybe... maybe if we went back things would be better. Maybe we could have a happy relationship unruined then. All theses thoughts were running through my sleeping mind and when I woke I felt almost ready to return to the manor but.... I couldn't I tried to leave but snow had built up. How long had I slept? I know the entrance was small but it was at least 3 feet high. 

I panicked trying to dig my way out but I only got so far before my fingers became so cold I couldn't feel them at all. They looked blue and I tried to warm them up by rubbing my hands together and blowing them. "Oh god, please someone help me" I sobbed. "I'm not ready to die"

The End

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