Rose: Frozen NightMature

I had it all planned. Tonight when Charles delivered my food... I'd make a run for it. I needed to see William. I had to see William. After I saw him again out in the garden pacing. His face had turned as white as snow and it was worrying. What had happened? I had heard the commotion outside but not even Charles who had come to check on me had told me what it was about.

Speaking of the devil, Charles walked in to my room. I looked at him with pleading eyes but he ignored me going to place the tray on my desk. I took my chance. I dashed from my bed slipping through the open door. I had a little bit of a head start before Charles noticed. "ROSE!" he yelled. I dashed to the stairs and thud. I slammed into someone who grasped my wrist.

I looked up to see my fathers face and sturggled. "Stop struggling, Rose" my father snapped.

"No! Why won't you let me be with him?" I cried.

"He's a monster. He-" his voice was cut off as I yanked my hands free and.... he fell. Tumbling down the stairs he fell. He part way hit his head which splattered blood and all I could do was watch in tears. When he thudded at the bottom, I screamed. I tried to make my way down after him but Charles grasped me from behind pulling me to his chest where I sobbed. Everyone excusing Ophelia and Jacque appeared. The doctor and nurse raced to the side of my fathers body.

The doctor checked for a pulse, looked at the nurse who looked up at me and Charles to only shake her head. I broke out in heart-racking sobs clenching at my chest. "No, he can't! No! Father!" I yelled as Charles and Samuel tried to bundle me away back to my room. I scream and thrashed and cried. Not even William, who watched from the bottom of the stairs, rushed to my aid. I'm not sure if I even wanted to be in his arms at this point. The moment I was pushed into my room again the doors slammed shut, I ran to my bed where I fell in a heap. I cried, scream. I did everything that I thought would get this pain and guilt out of my heart.

Non of it worked......

The End

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