Dreading the NightMature


I entered the room and a strong odor of iron met my nostrils. I cupped my mouth as I saw the scene before me. Ophelia was lying on the bed, her lower abdomen bleeding. Jacque, who was beside Ophelia some minutes ago, was now facing Rebecca with a pallid and livid expression. He was angered at Rebecca for something sinful she had done; understanding began to flood into my mind as color drained from my face. Ophelia was still alive, tired and weary, but alive. She had also been crying, the petals from the roses on her bed were soaking blood at a fast pace.

I saw Jacque suddenly collapse to the floor, his body shaking unsteadily.

“He is fitting!” Isabelle cried, horrified. She rushed to his side. Rebecca gave a short cackle and turned to Ophelia with tender eyes. That image revolted me.

I stormed inside the room and shoved Rebecca backwards, “what did you to do both of them?!”

She returned me a quizzical look and then a pleasant smile crossed her lips, “my dearest William, how delightful to see you here!” She placed a hand coquettishly around her waist, “you came to take me away from his slaughterhouse?” She raised both her eyebrows in an innocent manner, “everybody here is crazy, Ophelia was pregnant, how could she be if she swore love to me?”

Rebecca disgusted me. “You are mad,” I replied with shaky voice, “how dare you kill an innocent being. You are a coward; you didn’t even let it defend itself against your murderous hands!” I took her by the shoulders and shook her violently trying my best not to beat her to death. “You are crazy, a threat for everybody living in this Manor. If you don’t leave I will kill you with my bare hands!”

“I’d like to see you try, William!” Lord Well stern and commanding voice sounded from the doorway. A nurse was just entering the chambers and attending Jacque with a frightful Isabelle by her side aiding her.

“He tried to hit me Lord Well!” wailed Rebecca, “he even threatened me to death if I didn’t leave this house which has received me well.” Fake tears streamed down her face.

“Quiet!” he stomped his feet, “I’ve had enough. I will be the sole judge of this situation and the only one leaving this house will be you, Lord Ashbrook.”

“..M…m…me..?” I stuttered with a confound expression. “I’ve done nothing to deserve this unjust leave!” I clenched my fist, “I told you already, Rose belongs to me, nobody will force me away from her.”

“I will,” he said callously. “Nurse, make haste in healing them and exit the room." He cocked his head and looked challengingly at Rebecca. “Rebecca, you better pack your things right now and disappear before I change my mind and send for the police..”

Rebecca said with trembling lips, "but Lord Well...I..."

"NOW!" bellowed Lord Well.

Rebecca scurried away in nervous fits of laughter and tears.

Lord Well advanced toward me, "Sam, make sure she does as I said." Sam exited the room, leaving us alone. Lord Well's eyes were fixed on me and scrutinizing my face as he approached. "Young William, I believe Rebecca is not the only murderer in this house..."

"What are you talking about?" I asked in a constricted voice. The world around me seemed frozen as he was pulling my buried past from beneath its covers.

He sneered, "you thought me a fool? That I would believe everything you said about your past when I received you? Oh, the poor and only child of a family who smothered his liberties, hence he decided to escape, is that so, Lord William?"

I looked hard on his face, he was trying to break my patience. "I stand beside my words."

"You weren't that child sir," Lord Well said, "you were born a bastard, product of an affair of your father with a mistress. You are relating the escape of your older brother, the one they cared for and loved. The one destined to come to this Manor... but, the deadly hands of fate caught up with him, isn't it right?" He let a soft laughter.

Fear became once again a common language. My memories drifted back to that night, the night when everything in my life changed. The night I regretted and the foolish crime I committed. "How... how did you..." my voice was raspy.

Lord Well scoffed, "money can make wonders, young William. Rebecca's same fate will await you if you don't leave within three days."

"No," I shook my head adamantly, "you cannot prove it."

"I can," he said, "but I'd rather not for the sake of my daughter. What would she think when she knows of your past? When she knows that you heartlessly killed your brother? The brother who was intended to come here in the first place instead of you? Ah, you got us fooled, I always thought you were your brother but you're only the bastard son."

I trembled in my place, someday the truth might come out. But that wasn't it, I had to tell Rose the entire truth. But, will she hate me for it? Color drained from my face.

"Three days," Lord Well repeated before going out of the room.


I saw her when I was pacing in the garden, but my eyes darted away quickly for shame. How could an angel fall in love with a demon?

"Ready to leave, William?" Lord Well asked.

"If I leave, you give me your word not to tell her?"

"I give you my word," Lord Well said.

"Very well," I nodded, "I will bid my good bye..."

"No," he said pleasantly, "I'd rather not have you talk with my daughter. You will leave this house without a word to anyone, tonight."

I had to complied to his orders for me to be able to keep my past buried.  I only hope Rose wouldn't hate me for this.

The End

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