Rose: Locked awayMature

"You must leave this manor immediatly" my father screamed at William. I watched from my window having been locked in my chambers. My hands were pressed up to the window and tears slipped down my cheeks.

William stood strong but I could tell he was hurting. He kept glancing up at my window and endded up lost for words. "You are not right for her" Samuel added.

"And I suppose you are?" William snapped back. "I believe it was you that left her alone and broken after false promise"

I saw Samuel shake his head then leave, entering the house once more. My father stepped towards William. "You try my patients, William. You have three days to leave the manor"

Thats when my father left and William looked up at my window. Tears spilled faster than before and my head dropped to stare down at the floor. I hit the window once with a clenched fist and then my knees buckled. I looked up from my kneeled position on the floor. William still stood there gazing up then vanished back into the house.

I heard the rattle of keys at my door and jumped up but only Charles walked in carrying a tray of food. He left it on my desk in silence then left locking the door behind him. I was a captive.... locked away from my heart.

The End

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