Jacque Landry: More Truths RevealedMature

I stayed with her until she drifted into what I hoped to be a pleasant sleep. When her hand eventually slid out of mine and her breathing became heavier, I rose up off my chair and silently left the room.

I exhaled and started down the corridor, not quite quenching the guilt of being so relieved to have departed Ophelia’s chambers. I did not get very far before I heard the sound of footsteps trailing behind me.

Thoughts of dread filled my mind. Who would be stalking through the corridors at this early hour? Daring not to think too deeply about it, I quickened my pace. My bedroom was not too far from here.

After a few minutes of walking rapidly I realised it was no use trying to escape. If they were that eager to pursue me, they would follow me straight into my chambers. It was no use going on. I spun around.

The hallway behind me was still quite dark in the dim morning light. It was also empty. If I was not so freaked out by the ownerless footsteps, I would have chuckled at my childish paranoia.

“Jacque,” a voice hissed down my neck. I cursed and turned to see Rebecca standing right beside me. “Such foul language. And from my own brother!” She swept a ghostly-pale hand across her forehead in mock devastation.

“You,” I said. My voice was glacier cold.

“Me,” she replied, wearing a smile that looked more like a grimace.

“Were you aware that Ophelia was pregnant?”

“Yes,” she said with an uninterested sniff. Then her eyes lit up. “But I still want her.”

A pain flared inside me that was ringed with rage. “What the hell do you mean by that,” I spat. “I love Ophelia more than she could have ever loved you, you heartless bitch!”

“Is that the culpability speaking? Or do you hate your own sister so much that you’d go out of your way to try and hurt her?”

I tried to push past her, but she blocked my way. She raised her pallid fingers and brushed my cheek. As soon as she made contact I felt the unmistakable sinking feeling of uncovering a lost memory. Only this time I was going much deeper.

“I love him,” a girl whined in a voice similar to Rebecca. It was Rebecca! In this memory, though, she was roughly fourteen years old and wearing the same kind of weird – modern – clothing that were in my other memories.


“I love him and I just don’t know what to do!” She buried her face into her hands and began crying.

“Don’t cry,” I heard myself say and I lifted a hand to clumsily pat her shoulder. “I’m sure Will will ask you to the Junior Ball tomorrow.” She murmured something into her hands that I couldn’t quite understand. “Uh, take your hands away. I may be your twin, but I cannot read your mind.”

She shot me a dirty look. Shaking her head in disgust, she muttered,” You’re a dude. More to the point, you’re my brother. You wouldn’t understand even if I tried explaining to you.”

“Fine by me,” I said, reaching over to switch on the T.V. If my predictions were correct, she would start demanding me to listen in a few minutes.

Sure enough I was correct. Attention seeking brat.

“He’s going with Rose,” she moaned.

“What,” I said, dropping the remote. “I thought she was going with Sam?”

“She was,” she replied, her voice dropping in temperature and her eyes darkening. “But then she found out that I liked him.”


My memory ended, but instead of re-submerging into reality I was surrounded by a dense blackness that was cutting off my oxygen supply. In the distance I heard Isabelle’s faint voice say,” he’s fitting!”

The End

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