Ophelia: The Truth RevealedMature

Everything was falling together. Rebecca was gone now and I was glad of it. I was here, ever here. When I awoke from my prolonged sleep, it was to see Jacque's face hovering above me. There was no warmth in it.

Gone. I had lost a baby I didnt even know I'd been carrying. Or had I known it? I remembered nights rolling about with Rebecca, holding to her in all our tidal waves of ecstacy. I couldnt have known.

But I recalled that night oh so perfectly. The party. Oh, Rebecca so loved to drag me to her parties. And he had cornered me, asked why I was avoiding his gaze. He didnt want to play, he told me. This wasnt a game.

And then he took me, in the shadows where no one could hear my screams. Agony blinded by a pleasure I didnt desire.

I was back in my room then, with Jacque on the bed beside me. Wondering if he saw me any differently now. Or if I was still the same as ever, unchanging in my ways. I longed to reach out for him, to hold him against my chest and beg him to feel my heart beating within. To know that I was alive and whole, and that wasnt changing for anything.

"So..." he said suddenly, catching me off gaurd. "My sister has fled again?"

I kept my expression perfectly composed. "I believe it may be for the best." Jacque nodded, but he didnt speak again. For the moment, words werent needed. There was only him and me and all the space between us that ths silence so perfectly filled. For the time being, everything was okay, even if it was so, so not.

Then Jacque leaned in, and ever so slightly, kissed me on the lips. "You need your rest," he mumured against my skin. Fires were ablaze within me.

"Just stay with me," I whispered back. He almost hesitated, but then he took my hand and offered a smile.

"Alright," was his reply, and for once I knew it would be.

The End

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