William: shatteringsMature

I watched as Rose walked to the door, her gaze was determined and powerful. Her hand reached for the door knob when I stopped her, I took her hand and pressed it softly. "Rose," I whispered pulling her to me, "I don't want to see you fight anymore," I lift her hand to my lips and press my lips onto her cold, quavering hand. "Please, let me to fight for you now."

Gently, I pulled Rose behind me as I stepped up and opened the door, ready to face whatever threat was between our happiness. The door opened fully and standing in the hallway was Lord Well and Samuel. Lord Well expression was that of anger and hurt, mingled together to form a face contorted with hatred toward me. Samuel, on the other hand was an expression full of anxiety and hopelessness.

Lord Well's hand seized my shirt, near the collar, and with great force pulled me out of Rose's room and smashed me against the wall.

"Dad what are you doing?!" Rose cried, my hand hold tightly onto hers.

"You filthy, ungrateful son of a..." Lord Well seethed, ignoring her daughter's cries. "Who do you think you are, courting my daughter, entering into her chambers, and asking for her hand without my consent? You bastard, I received you in this manor and this is how you pay me back? You had nowhere to go, even your own family rejected you, but I gave you a place to live! I told you to stay away from Rose..." His grip tightened on my shirt, his eyes were bulging.

"With all due respect sir," I said with as much energy and patience I could muster to control my temper, "it wasn't you who received me, it was Rose. If I have to be grateful to anybody, that will be Rose, not you. Now, I will appreciate if you take your hands off me before I get violent."

"Take your hands off Rose," he warned. Samuel was standing behind Lord Well, watching everything in silence. Rose hand was pressing mine to give me courage.

"That will not happen," I replied, "when two souls are united by love, the bonding is unbreakable. Lord Well, I love Rose, and I hope one day you can accept that for I know I will make a good son-in-law..." Wrong words.

"You will not marry Rose!" he bellowed, his veins popping out, pulsating because of the anger. "I won't allow it! You better disappear from my view, from the manor. OUT!" He shoved me against the wall and proceed to part Rose hands from mine.

"Dad, no!" Rose shouted, "I love William, please understand, I don't want to marry anyone else!"

"You don't decide!" Lord Well said, "Samuel is better for you, unlike William." He broke lose our hands and pulled Rose to him and Samuel. I place an iron-clad grip on Lord Well's hand, my face stern. I lift his grasp on Rose and pulled Rose toward me, holding her close to my body with my free arm.

"I am old enough to decide whom to love," Rose said. "And I choose to love William. I am sorry father, I am sorry Samuel... If you don't bless our union then I am afraid we will have to leave the manor." Traces of sadness were heard on her voice, I dare not look at her eyes in fear I might be weakened.

"You will not marry William," Lord Well tone was resolute. "Will you betray and alienate your family for your feelings toward William? Please! He clearly has lied to you, taken advantage, and possible cheated on you as he did with every lady in this manor ever since he lived here!"

"No," I said, elevating my voice, stepping in front of Rose, shielding her from her father's hurtful words. "I have not cheated on any lady in this manor, those rumours were started by someone. I never went looking for those ladies, they went to me. Rose was never a game for me, she is everything for me."

"This is not going to end this way!" warned Lord Well in an infuriating manner. "I will..."

Before he could finish, glass was smashed on the floor, a shattering sound resonating in the manor. Then there were loud banging on wood, shouts for a door to be open. Screams filled the manor and our hearts with dread. I hold Rose close to me, in fear of losing her, my head was jerked in the direction where I confronted Rebecca.

I heard Jacque's voice demanding Ophelia to open her door, incessant knocking. A maid servant then exclaimed in fear, "Help, HELP. MURDER!"

Next thing I knew, we were all sprinting down the hall toward Ophelia's room.

The End

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