Rose: Telling DaddyMature

"You can't!" Emily squealed.

"Your father requests you to marry Samuel!" Ryan snaps back. I begin to back away feeling utter fear clench at my heart. Suddenly, William slips an arm round my waist and pulls me back towards him. He keeps me pressed to his side protected.

"Back off" he snaps. I press my face into William's side. Why was I so bold? So stupid?

"Fine!" Emily snaps.

"But we're telling, Uncle" Ryan finishes and they race off. I stare after them with fear and look at William who seems worried. He looks back at me and strokes my cheek.

"My room" I mumble and pull him along behind me with my head lowered. I tug William into my room and shut and lock the door. William pulls me into a hug and I wrap my arms around him silently. He then tilts my chin up and frowns.

"It will be okay"

"No, it won't" I whisper back a tear slipping down my cheek.

"Yes, it will be. You're to be mine Mrs future Rose Ashbrook. Nothing can ruin that" he says it so strong and passionately I find my heart racing at the thrill.

"Say my name like that again" I whisper brushing my lips across his.

"Mrse future Rose Ashbrook" William whispers. I smile and press my lips to his in a desperate attempt to pull him closer. Closer to my heart almost. William kisses back and I get dragged into the beautiful heat and passion.

I gasp when he begins to kiss my neck and pulls at the ribbon of my corset. I pulls his head back up and kiss him full on the lips slipping my tongue into his mouth. Which is when a banging erupts on the door. I just and lace up my corset.

"ROSE!" my father bellows. "You and that bastard get out here, RIGHT NOW!"

I grip to William in fear and he kisses my forehead. "Don't panic. We'll do this together"

I look up at William. "I don't care what my father says. I will marry you, William. Even it involves leaving the manor"

The End

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