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"What is that mother?" I asked in a childish manner, my short legs were swinging above the floor. I sat on my mother's bed, looking at a graceful lady as she strapped a pearl necklace around her neck and slide out a diamond ring from her finger. She was wearing a plain, flowery dress that covered reached her knees.

"This is an engagement ring, my son," she whispered holding the ring to me. "It was the ring your father gave me when he proposed... and its now yours."

I reached out for the ring and took it with my small fingers, my eyes widening at its splendour.

"Find somebody worthy of your heart, and make yourself worthy of somebody else heart as well." her voice fade away, as the sweet memory did the night she died...


Warmth filled my chest, an overwhelming happiness. I look down upon Rose, whom I was cradling, her eyes were merged on mine, expectant of an answer. My mind was blank, how could I speak quietly with my mind if my heart was thumping so loud in my chest? I gave Rose a solemn and grim face in return.

"What is wrong William?" she asks as I help her to her feet. Uneasiness was overriding both of us. I stood up and place one hand on her shoulder, the other one underneath her chin. I slightly shake my head, my eyes never leaving hers. Her eyes seem to scream in agony and pain, her lips parted but no sound came, tears were forming.

"Rose," I whispered, my hand on her shoulder dug deep into my pant's pocket and retrieving a small object, "I think this belongs to you." My palm unfurled, in it lay a precious object. It was a ring encrusted with a diamond, brilliant under the sun. "This and my heart..."

"Oh William," she breathed, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I snaked my arms around her waist, holding her close to me. This was indeed a great step in both our lives.  "For a moment I thought..."

"Shh..." I whispered, stroking her soft, silky hair. "Never, Rose." We stood there for quite a while, allowing the sun to bathed our bodies with its warmth and its blessings.

Afterwards we were walking hand in hand toward the manor, a mirthful smile on both of faces.

"What do you think we should do with my father and Samuel?" Rose asked.

"We can pay somebody to take them down..." I saw Rose frown at my malicious joke, "just kidding, my dear." We continued walking in silence, "they can do nothing to prevent it, it's done. You belong to me now." I gave her my most charming smile.

"I want so badly to share our happiness with someone else," sighed Rose, her voice was half a pout.  We crossed the threshold and walked aimlessly around the parlour.

"Perhaps we should start with our friends," I suggested, "you know, the ones who actually approve of our relationship." Of me, actually.

"I think my father should be the one who knows of it first," Rose said firmly, she was so sweet when she was stubborn, I thought to myself.

"Maybe we should keep it quiet for the time being..." we were turning the corner to walk through the hallway. What we found in our path strike me. I saw Isabelle leaning on Jacque, pressing her body to his, her hands were nowhere to be seen.

"William Ashbrook!" Jacque greeted me with an embarrassed smile on him. Isabelle was startled and gave a little jump backwards, looking toward our direction, a rosy blush rose to her cheek."Lady Rose." his eyes turned to Rose.

"Good morning, Jacque, Isabelle," I greeted both of them, still holding Rose's hand tightly with mine. "I hope we are not interrupting your... chat." I flashed a knowing smile at Isabelle, who darted her eyes, blushing further. 

"None at all," Jacque parted from the wall and walked few inches away from Isabelle, "I just had the pleasure of meeting Lady Haynes, but if you'll excuse me I have to be elsewhere..."

I saw Isabelle dropping her head, disappointed. Something related to hatred gripped my heart, what had Jacque done to Isabelle? Rose must have felt my uneasiness toward Jacque, for she pressed my hand tighter on hers.

"Jacque, I believe you are being impolite and uneducated by leaving Isabelle all by herself this beautiful morning," I voiced my feelings and thoughts, "perhaps both of you could go for a walk, the day is very beautiful."

"Perhaps," Jacque said, casting me a vile glance.

"Its okay William," Isabelle voice rang through the awkward silence, "I have other things to do."

"Why don't you court her, William?" Jacque asked, clearly unaware of Rose's presence. "Seems like your thing to do."

But before I could answer to his insinuations, Rose took a menacing step forward, her furious gaze on Jacque.

"Because William is engaged," she retorted, bringing her left hand to Jacque's face, the beautiful ring glowing underneath the light, "to me."

Pride overwhelmed my heart. Isabelle let out an excited gasp and Jacque eyed the ring with utter disbelief. At the end of the hallway, Emily and Ryan were standing there rooted on their spot, not believing their ears. I saw them charging toward us with long strides.

The End

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