Ophelia: Memories Better BuriedMature

When the knocking began at my door, I was certain it was Rebecca. I was so not in the mood to see her, not now when everything was so close to falling apart. I told myself that if I remained silent she would go away.

No such luck. Soon my door had swung inward, and I was left to stare at a vaguely familiar figure, a man with dark hair and the most breathtaking crystalline eyes I'd ever seen. I frowned at him, an expression that quickly shifted to a scowl. "I could have been indecent," I growled.

He bowed his head, making it impossible for me to see his own face. Something was shifting within me, some old emotion, or perhaps just the ghost of one. "Jacque," I said suddenly, voice so broken it was barely audible. Would this persistant nightmare never end? Would I never wake up?

The man looked back to me then, a slight smile toying at his lips. "You're back." Two words. They held more feeling than I could bear. My heart was breaking all over again. "I will not fool myself that you had me in mind."

I stared at him for many painful seconds, taking in all that he was. Here was the boy I had so loved once, so longed to be beside. I had given him everything I had, lost in an enchanted daze under the summer stars. He had held me close and promised to be f0rever mine. And it had seemed so believable.

"I'm sorry," he muttered. "Maybe I should have stayed away."

I rose from the bed where I sat, closed the distance between us in measured steps. Shook my head as I came close enough to place my hands upon his chest. "You're still such an angel," I said in a voice so low it was barely audible. "And I still need such saving."

Jacque recoiled, stepping a good foot away. That stung, possibly more than anything else. "But, Rebecca-"

I regained ground, pressing a finger to his lips. "I have forgotten the reason I ever fell for her tricks," I told him. "Why I was so tempted by your sister's charms when I already had you in my heart."

Jacque seemed incapable of containing his smile, however small and wistful it was. "I must go," he said suddenly. "But I will come for you, Ophelia. We will make this all right, somehow."

I watched him go, not for the first time. Things were getting tangled in my mind. I wondered if it would be the last.

The End

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