Rose: No!Mature

I sat in a little hiding knowing no one would find me here. Not even William or my father. Not Samuel or Charles. I'd never share this place with anyone. Maybe William one day but not today.

I continue to cry heavily. No doubt my father will expect me to marry Samuel since he asked for my hand and I can't let that happen. Which means.... I get to my feet suddenly and race out of my hiding place. I head back towards the house. I stumble on my feet, dizzy from all the tears and the shock of Samuel being here. I suddenly faint.

I wake to the sound of an urgent voice. "Rose! Please, Rose! Wake up!" William's voice begs. My eyes flutter open to be met with William's worried ones. I smile faintly.

"So I did faint?" I mumble. William nods and is about to speak but I suddenly lean up to kiss him. I press my lips to his furiously and William tenses shock. I reach up and grip his shoulder softly which makes him relax. Its then he pulls away.

"Rose, I.... I need to know. Who are you loyal too?"

"You of course" I say confused.

"Not this guy called Samuel?" William questions becoming defensive. I sigh and sit up and turn to face him.

"What do you know?"

"That he's asked for your hand"

"I refused in marrying him" I whisper and reach out to stroke his cheek. I lean to rest my forehead on his. "I won't marry him. Not while I love and have you. I won't betray you William"

"I'm glad to hear it" he whispers. Suddenly, I have a great inspiration. A way to prove that I trust and love him.

"Come with me. I was hoping to wait for this but come" I say getting up and pulling him with me. He follow hesitantly. I lead him up to my secret place and make him sit in the arch before sitting in his lap. I curl into his chest and sigh.

"Where are we? I've never found this" William mumbles beginning to stroke my hair.

"Its a secret place. Built by an ancestor" I whisper. "I learned about it from a hidden letter"

"Secretive" William chuckles. I look up at him and smile. He returns the smile then his face turns serious. I wait curiously and William pushes back a small strand of hair. He slowly leans down to kiss me and I gasp a moment before his lips touch mine. The intensity in the kiss is beautiful. I wrap my arms round his neck and press my body to his.

"I love you" I whisper. William gasps and pulls back to look at me. I look back at him my face remaining completely serious. "Marry me, William"

The End

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