William: revelationsMature

The slamming of the door caught my attention as I was walking out of Rose's bedroom. My feet took me to the origin of the noise and standing there outside a monotonous white bedroom door I found Sammy and Rebecca. 

"Rebecca?" that name escaped from my lips, my eyes were scanning the figure of Rebecca in utter disbelief. Memories flooded to my mind as I recalled the multiple embraces under starry nights. "You..."

"Am alive?" she snorted, "apparently everyone wants it otherwise." She crossed her arms in her chest and turn her head sideways, indignation in her complexion.

Sammy walked out of the hallway, leaving us alone, standing just outside the door.

I was taken aback by her harsh, yet truthful comment. "I certainly didn't mean it that way," I gathered composure. "You made everyone believed you and Ophelia were... gone."

She let out a shrilled cackle. She was holding her aching abdomen while in her fit of laughter. "Oh William, you never did changed your naïve ways did you?" she took steps toward me and placed a finger underneath my chin, she moved her finger sideways, caressing it, as she used to do two years ago.

I took her wrist with a firm and powerful hand, my grip closing in, seeking to hear her bones cracked. What had gripped my heart was unexplainable fury and a forlorn feeling of rejection. With control over her arm I pushed her, and with her own arm I pinned her against the wall.

She was groaning in pain, "William, let me go!"

"Two years ago I let you manipulate my vulnerable heart at your will," I seethed, "but everything changed now. I've learned."

"You enjoyed it," she said in a dangerously low tone, "you enjoyed every night when you had me in your arms, under the stars. Just as you now enjoy having Rose in your arms. Is not that what you are doing with the always so sweet Rose? Taking advantage of her?"

"You know nothing," I threatened, my cold eyes piercing her nonchalant eyes. Rushes of guilt and betrayal took possession of my heart, all of them accompanied with painful memories.

"You were always a flirt William," she said through clenched teeth, emotions rushed to her eyes. "I couldn't keep up with your nightly escapades to meet with another girl under the stars. You crushed my heart every time you told me that you wanted me, knowing that you've expressed that same desire with every girl in this manor!"

My eyes remembered all the well lit night sky splattered with stars, the delightful aroma from the various rose bushes, and the human warmth during the cool nights.

"Is that why you ran into Ophelia's arms?" I asked, a sudden amusement in my face. "It was quite bold from you, my dearest Rebecca."

She smirked, "I guess we both seek love in very different ways." I let go of her arm, my fingers deeply imprinted on her flesh. "But I'm steps closer to it than you'd ever wish to be."

A smile lighted my face, bemused by her sudden statement. "If you are implying that my feelings for Rose are nothing but my heart fooling me, I am afraid you are wrong."

"You don't belong here, William," she whispered. "You destroyed yourself."

"I couldn't destroy what already laid in ruins," I said. I escaped my life seeking a new beginning in this town, in this manor. Despite my reputation, I was accepted and welcomed in this heavenly place.

Our conversation was over, I turned on my heels and walked away attempting to leave behind sour memories. Where was Rose? Suddenly, I had a strange urge to confess my feelings, again.

On my way out toward the gardens I ran into Lord Well and an unknown man.

"Lord William Ashbrook, good morning," Lord Well said with a slight note of contempt in his voice, "let me introduce you to Lord Samuel."

The young man stretched a hand at me, I took it and we handshake vigorously.

"I've heard many things from you, Lord William," Samuel said, his polite smile somehow was sickening to me.

"I hope you heard positive things," I said in the same please voice. Samuel returned me a frown and air of superiority.

"Yes, plenty," Samuel's voice was sarcastic. "I want to personally invite you to the ball taking place tonight in honour of my arrival."

"Splendid," I praised in mocking enthusiasm, "I was unaware balls were hosted in honour of newcomers. Is this a new trend? Because I don't remember having one two years ago."

"Lord Samuel is not a newcomer," Lord Well cut through our conversation, his tone was that of impatience. "You might not know him William, for he left the manor before you joined us. Samuel has quite a history here and I am happy to say he has ask for the hand of my beloved Rose."

A hammer struck my heart when I heard Rose being mentioned and having a connection with this man. "I beg your pardon?"

Before any answers met my ears they stride away, leaving me rooted to my spot, unable to utter any further words. My head felt lighter, my eagerness to reach the garden increased. I rushed past the threshold and found Emily standing there, had she heard our conversation? Maybe, I didn't care, there was only one thing in my mind: Rose.

The End

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