Jacque Landry: An Uncovered MemoryMature

It was a glorious morning, yet for some reason I could not find it in me to want to spend my time strolling around in the beautiful garden. Instead, I walked along the manor’s many corridors, recalling my old – seemingly unreal – memories.

The sound of a slamming door brought me back to the present. I turned my head towards the place where the noise had come from and began to sprint down the hallway in that direction. The paintings that I passed became distance blurs of colours and the carpet brushed against the soles of my polished shoes. I could not explain why I was running so fast, apart from the fact that there was an instinct from deep within me screaming at me to go there.

As soon as I had entered the right corridor and collided with a furious girl I knew all too well, I really wished I had ignored the screams. Rebecca, I thought morosely. I preferred you when I thought you were dead.

“The feeling is mutual, Jacque,” she spat venomously. I had not realised I had spoken the words aloud. A smirk formed onto my face. It echoed hers.

“Can you not tell that no one wants you here,” I taunted, fury underlying my mocking tone. Her pale cheeks flushed scarlet and she recoiled as though I had slapped her.

“Now, now,” a new, masculine voice chided. “Is that any way to talk to your sister?” Sammy stepped out from behind me. He was slightly out of breath. The bastard must have followed me here, I though enraged.

“Sister,” I asked him a chilled voice. “My sister died a long time ago.”

As I said the words a new memory uncovered itself to me. Only, it didn’t seem new, but lost like someone had hidden it from me.

The car...A bazaar vehicle that looked like it belonged in another world...Or another time? A red Ford Fiesta. The words came to me as though some invisible being had whispered them right into my ear. Suddenly the car was no longer a peculiar automobile to me, but something I was used to seeing daily.

A sound of skidding tires dragging across hard pavement screeched and I watched as the Ford swerved towards a girl that looked similar to Rebecca. I flinched.

"No...The car...My sister," I muttered my memory out loud.

Sammy ignored what I was gibbering. It was all nonsense to him.

"Why don't you join Ophelia? You two need some time to catch up. After all, you haven't spoken since she chose your sister over you?" He forced open Ophelia's door and shoved me in.

I spun around and was greeted by the door meeting my face. I groaned with pain and clutched at my bloody nose. Too busy dabbing at it with my hanky, I did not notice that Ophelia was standing behind me.

“What gives you the right to believe it is perfectly acceptable to enter a lady’s chambers without her permission?”

The End

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