Ophelia: Mystery UnfoldingMature

The girl who's name I knew to be Emerald was staring at me like I was, well, a ghost.

I knew I wasnt dead. I couldnt possibly be dead if I was standing right before her. But then, it did explain why no one else seemed to know of my existence. "What the fuck is going on?" I asked desperately, hoping she could see the pleading emotions splayed across my face.

I could tell that Em was trying very hard to maintain her gracces, to keep her composure. She sat back down on the edge of the bed. I didnt move at all. "I..I dont know," she said at last. "Everything seems off. But I know what I'm telling you is the truth. Everyone found out about your secret love affair, and so you and that girl-"

"Rebecca," I interjected.

Em waved it off with a flick of her wrist. "You two killed yourselves together."

Memories were flashing across my mind, so vividly clear. My memories, but not mine at the same time. The oddest sensation washed over me as everything began falling into place. "We faked it," I told her in a shaky voice. "Rebecca and I faked our deaths and left together. But she grew wistful..she missed the manor too much. So we came back in hopes that it might be regarded as a miracle, and everyone would forget."

Emerald was gazing at me with wide eyes. Or maybe she was looking right through me; I couldnt tell the difference. I needed a glass of water, or to lie down before I passed out. "Well," she said, "I can assure you they will not forget a scandal like that."

I let out a defeated sigh. "I suppose not." I paused then, in a moment of contemplation. "I need to find a way out of this," I muttered.

"Out of what?" Em had cocked her head to the side. I wondered if I was the only person feeling out of place. If there was something so contagious here I was the only one who could recall the ways of the modern world.

I shook my head as if to say nevermind, and then I turned to leave her. "Where are you going?" She called out to me.

I stopped where I was but did not look back. "I'm going to find a way home," I todl her. "You can either help me, or stay the fuck out of my way."


I was up half the night, wondering what in God's name I was going to do to get out, wondering if I was supposed to feel some sort of love for Rebecca, wondering if I was trapped in this senseless hell forever.

In the morning, the sunlight streaming across my pillow woke me. My eyes fluttered back, lashes all abrush against my cheek.

I almost had a heartattack.

Rebecca was perched on the edge of the bed, absently twisting a strand of her black hair around her index finger. "Rose is throwing another ball," she told me, as if it would matter to me in the least. "I believe that is when we should make our grand entrance."

I pushed myself into a sitting position and pulled the covers tightly around me. "No one has forgotten, Rebecca. I dont think we can stay here much longer. Someone's bound to notice us sneaking about."

She turned her lips down into a pout. "That's always been your problem, you know. You're so scared of what everyone else thinks. I'm starting to doubt your loyalties to me."

It was way too early for these mind game. Crawling out of bed, I started towards the wardrobe, my back to her still. "Get out, please," I muttered, surprised at the conviction in my voice. I half expected her to protest, but in the end she only slammed the door in a fury. The sound was like a bullet to my heart.

The End

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