Em Lewis: A discoveryMature


‘Care for a dance?’ Harry extended his hand and I took it without a second thought. He led me slowly to the middle of the room where he put one hand on my waist and kept the other entwined with my fingers. I moved my hand to rest on his shoulder and we began moving. A part of me wondered how I knew the steps, but I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and just enjoyed the moment. I had never done anything like this before… It was so new…so magical. So enchanting! I was beginning to like it here already.

‘You really do look beautiful, Emerald.’ Harry smiled down at me and my heart melted. I got the impression that we were…in love. It was almost like an instinct. I knew that he was the one I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. It was scary but somehow, blissful. He bent his head and pressed his lips gently to mine.

I pulled away.

‘I’m sorry Harry. I have to get some fresh air, if that’s alright…’ Without waiting for an answer, I spun round and ran through the double door, not stopping until I burst into the cool night air. What on earth was going on? I had these intense, passionate feelings for a guy I didn’t even know! And now here I am stuck in this, gorgeous but ridiculously ostentatious dress with my hair done all up fancy, looking so fake and stuck up! In a fit of sudden anger, I ripped the stupid clips out of my hair, letting it hang round my face and was just about to storm back inside to demand some answers when I heard raised voices. People obviously engaged in an argument. I deliberated for about two seconds whether to leave it or not when my curiosity got the better of me.

Treading lightly on the damp grass, I peered round one of the walls to find myself looking at a girl roughly my age with jet black hair looking particularly frustrated with a tall, handsome stranger. I took in his dark good looks and smiled appreciatively to myself. He was certainly very good looking. Right now, however he was clutching his cheek and his eyes were filled with obvious pain.

The girl seemed to crumple under his gaze and she collapsed herself against him, hugging him tightly. ‘Oh for crying out loud,’ I muttered, annoyed. Nothing was going on here. It was just another girl with no self esteem who would do anything for a boy who gives her a second glance. I wondered if all the girls I’d meet would be like that. Turning round, I headed back to my mission on finding a way out of this wretched place.

I found myself wandering along grand hallways, taking in every single detail of this elaborate place. I had to admit, it did have a certain…charm to it. One doorway in particular caught my eye. There was nothing overly different that made it stand out from the other doors, but I felt a gravitational pull towards to this one. I felt like, I knew it.

Without thinking, I grasped the doorknob and pulled it open. I was instantly overwhelmed with a crippling sense of déjà vu, causing my legs to collapse beneath me and a choked sob to escape my lips. Tears rolled down my cheeks as a staggering feeling of loss and grief tore through me, leaving me breathless.

I noticed someone else’s presence in the doorway. I glanced up quickly, wiping my eyes. She was a pretty girl, with white blonde hair and large violet eyes. She was dressed in a deep red gown that complimented her figure.

Before I knew what was happening, I was speaking.

‘Ophelia? But you...How can you...You can’t be here…’

When she spoke, her voice was mixed with concern and caution: ‘I'm sorry, Em. I heard you...I wanted to make sure you're okay.

‘No,’ I shook my head. ‘I mean, you cant be here, Ophelia. You...You killed yourself. You're dead.

The girl just stared at me.

‘What did you say?’ she gasped.

Whatever had had control of me instantly let me go and I felt myself blushing furiously at my babble. ‘I’m sorry,’ I stood up quickly, wiping my eyes. ‘I don’t know what came over me.’

‘I have to go,’ I move past her but she grabs my arm.

‘You’re new here too, aren’t you?’ her voice is a mere whisper and her eyes are earnest.

‘New?’ I repeat the word, confused.

‘Yes,’ she nods eagerly. ‘Something really strange is going on here. One minute I’m in the 21st century, the next in…’ she peers down at her dress. ‘God knows, the 1800’s maybe? What the fuck is going on?’

The End

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