Rose: Waking DawnMature

When I wake its to the sound of birds again and William's arms folded around me. I sigh content just as someone knocks at the door. I sit up and quickly change int a nightgown before answering it. I only open the door a crack poking my head out to see Charles. "Oh, Charles. Hello" I say with a small smile. He blushes back.

"Your father wishes to see you" Charles mumbles looking away.

"Of course.... let me go get ready" I close the door and turn the lock giving a heavy sigh. I then notice William looking at me from across the room. I open my mouth to speak, close it and think. "How long have you been awake?"

"I didn't fall asleep" William says. Slowly I blush.

"Wait... that means.... when I.... you saw...." I stop stuttering clamping my lips shut. I turn and grab some clothes from my wardrobe. I rush into the bathroom where I change. When I step out William is waiting. He reaches out and takes a grip on my wrist, pulling me to him.

"You looked  beautiful" he whispers as he trails his lips along my jaw bone. I roll my eyes and push him away.

"Don't leave until you're sure no one will see you" I say walking over to the door. I hear his footsteps behind me. I look back over my shoulder to see William. I tilt my head up and we kiss. I almost turn round so I can kiss him better but then I remember my father is expecting me.

God, how much has changed....... I almost feel like I belong here now. "I won't" William whispers as we pull away. He tries to snatch another kiss but I turn my head away. I open the door and step out closing it behind me. I then make my way down the corridor. I head to the palour.... Where my father is sat along with a young man whose face I can't see.

"Father, you called me" I say politely. My father looks up at me and smiles brightly. I also see a look of achievement in his eyes.

"Oh, yes, Rose. You remember Samuel" my father says. Its then the young man turns his head. I gasp staring at the very familiar face.

"Sam, but.... you can't be here. You left... for london" I gasp putting a hand to my chest as my breathing and heart rate quickens. Samuel smiles and crosses the room to me. I don't have time to react before he pulls me into his arms and kisses me.

"I know, Rose, but.... I've come back for you. Rose, we can get married just like you agreed to two years ago" Samuel says a bright smile on his face. For a moment I just stand there blinking then I shove Samuel away.

"No!" I snap. "We can't cause I don't love you anymore. I love someone else" Samuel looks hurt and tries to reach out to me but I step back. Its then Samuel's eyes turn angry.

"Can't you ever chose, right? I've come back for you Rose not only to find out you've turned down Charles but to also find you not wanting me anymore. Who is it?!? Who has got such a hold on you in the space of two years?!?"

I straighten myself up and look directly into Samuel's eyes. "I don't get how its your buisness. You don't have my heart no longer. If you must know though..... It's William"

"The bachelor?" Samuel questions.

"He's not a bachelor" I growl.

"Rose, stop being so stupid. He doesn't love you" my father jumps in rising to his feet and moving to stand next to Samuel. They both now tower over me, the door behind me.

"How do you know?!? You don't know love. Neither of you do. You know it even less Samuel. You expect me to still be waiting and in love with you after you left me two years ago. Things don't work like that" I cry. I then step up and slap him.

"Rose!" My father yells. I turn and race out of the room. I run to the garden where I run up along the waterfall/river feature up to the small stone temple/gazebo. I slump into an arch-like seat out of view of the whole world.

The End

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