Ophelia: Just a GhostMature

I'd thought that things would come together, but so far everything was just as comfusing as it had been. I needed answers, and it was becoming increasingly clear that Rebecca wouldnt be the one to give them to me. More than anything, she had left me more lost, trailing her fingertips over my body in the most seductive way. There was little doubt in my mind now that we may be lovers of sorts.

Now I found myself wandering the manor halls aimlessly, searching for something without knowing what it was. Eventually I went past a chamber door, and while my mind told me to press on, something within made me freeze in place. With my breath caught in my throat, I could hear the softest sobs echoing from within.

My fingers lingered above the doorknob. I was so torn between desire to help and not knowing my place in the grand scheme. At long last I swallowed hard and knocked, and told myself that whatever happened next might give some sort of answer to things.

When no one called me out,  I thought that whoever was inside may not have heard me. Closing my eyes a bit too tightly, I threw the door open and stepped inside. The room was even more elaborate than mine, if that was possible. Across the way was a massive canopy bed, one I so longed to tumble into, to get tangled in the sheets and cease to exist.

That was where the crying came from. Slowly, slowly, I approached, and then I saw her. A beautiful red haired girl. Somehow so familiar, but a stanger to me. I stared at her long and hard, ransacked my mind for a memory that didnt truly belong to me. "Em." When her name fell from my lips, something in the atmosphere shifted. I knew this girl, but I didnt know how.

The girl shot into a sitting position, quickly wiping her tears in shame. She scanned me from the bottom of my dress to the place my white-blonde hair hung in teased and tangled clumps about my thin face. Her own dark eyes went wide, expression a mixture of horror and shock.

"Ophelia?" Her voice was a strained whisper, so shattered it hurt to listen to. "But you..how can you...You cant be here."

Already I was backing away. "I'm sorry, Em. I heard you...I wanted to make sure you're okay."

Em shook her head. "No, I mean, you cant be here, Ophelia. You...You killed yourself. You're dead."

The End

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