Rose: Waltz and BetrayelMature

I found myself pouting at the dress I was required to wear. It was elegant, yes, but.... did it have to be rosey pink. I sigh once again and cup my hands in front of me. I'm just about to leave when.... 'my' diary catches my eye. I walk over and pick it up. One quick read will do no harm. I flipped to a random page... my eyes widen.

Dear Diary,

I..... I can't trust William. I try so hard to but I can't. I saw him with Marynn today. It hurt me so much but I can't hold that against him. No, he did regect her. I also can't hold his reputation against him either.

I can hold his trust on him though. I asked him about Marynn and he said 'I don't know what you're on about'. He thinks he's trying to protect my feelings but he's not..... he's just ruining my trust in him. Can I really believe in his feelings?

I stare at the pages shocked. So I was doubting his feelings. This is a while back..... did I still feel the same way now? I must have or earlier today I wouldn't of asked that question.

No, I will prove to myself today that William's feeling's aren't false. I make my way out of the room and down stairs. I am welcomed by smiles and kind greetings. I am commented by nearly every person I pass. Then I spot William. My heart flutters in my chest like a birds wings. I make my way across.

"Lord William" I say lightly. He turns and looks at me. His eyes widen as they take in my dress. I must admit it is a stunning dress.

"Y-you look.... beautiful" he whispers. I actually find his hesitation flattering. Suddenly, music begins to play.

"Care to dance?" I ask.

"No" says a familiar voice. Emily steps round him and puts her hand on his arm. "I'm sorry dear cousin but I'm dancing with William tonight"

"All night?" I say my eyes widening.

"Yes" she says with a smug smile. I look at William in pain.

"Look, Rose, I-" I don't let him finish I turn and race out of the ballroom. "Rose!" I race into the garden's not stopping till I can no longer her the music. My heart is racing, my skin slightly sweaty and warm but cooling down against the cool air.

"Idiot" I whisper.

"He is that" I spin and see my cousin Ryan.

"Oh, Ryan. What are you-"

"I came after you. You can run quite fast, Rose" I watch as with each word he moves closer till he now stands his face inches from mine. I press my back up to the garden wall behind me. I notice there's no way to get out of this.

"Um, Ryan...." I mumble.

"What, Rose?" He says taking my wrists and slowly but firmly pinning them up to the wall. I begin to struggle but he presses his body up to mine keeping me pinned to the wall.

"Ryan, Get off!" I scream. He smiles then kisses me. I feel disgusted, terrified..... lonely. Suddenly, a fist is connecting with Ryan's cheek and he falls to the ground heavily. I turn and see a furious William.

"You have no right to touch her" he says trying to pull me behind him. I yank my wrist from his grasps.

"And neither do you" I snap. "I knew you were a flirt but I thought tonight would be different. And my cousin?" I begin to sob and try to move away. William tries to grasp my wrist. I yank it off, spin round and slap him.... hard on the cheek. Pain flashes through William's eyes.

I don't know why but then I feel bad. I lean forward and kiss his cheek. I rest my forehead on his shoulder. "I'm sorry"

"Sorry?" I turn my head to see Emily. "You have no need to be sorry, cousin, but William does"

"Emily, no!" William begs.

"Has he told you he's been messing around with Marynn?"

"I already know" I say simply.

"What?" Emily screeches.

"Go away, both of you" I say, resting my forehead again on William's shoulder and holding his hands in mine. They walks away both furious. "They won't give up"

The End

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