Rose: CousinsMature

I paced around the house for ages. I actually bumped into that girl I saw with William. Her name was Isabelle. We got on quite well. We also both didn't know absolutely anything about why we were here. Why we were living these 'past lives'. Well, that was our conclusion and right now we were both sat in a libary.

"Are you sure we'll find anything in here?" Isabelle asks looking through the large history book of 'my' family.

"Well, it seems like I'm the one who was born her so- There!" I smack my hand down on the page then move my finger along the scentence reading it. "'Lord Well opened the manor as a open home for Lady's and Lord's when his young daughter Rose requested it'. I was a smart kid"

"Yeah, now, how does that help us?" Isabelle asks beginning to flip again. I sigh and begin to look along the bookcases again.

"Miss Rose" I turn to my name and see....

"Cousin Ryan!" I yell and find myself running over. I yank him into a hug and Ryan chuckles, his breath warm on my neck. Isabelle stands up and I pull away from Ryan. I let confusion fill my eyes as I look at her and she shrugs looking confused herself.

"Miss Isabelle, your beauty seems to grow each day" Ryan says crossing and kissing her nuckle before looking up deep into her eyes. "I am glad I am here to attend the party with my family"

I feel sudden fright flash through me and a need to go to William. "Its nice to see you, cousin, but excuse me. Isabelle, can you take care of my cousin?" I see her nod a moment before I rush away. I find William in the parlour and.... Emily..... who must be my other cousin, is all over him. "Emily!" I snap.

William jumps and looks at me with guilty eyes. Emily looks up still keep her hand on William's leg. "Oh.... Rose. I was just speaking with young William here"

"Off" I growl. She sits back a playful smile on her lips. William jumps up and moves over to me. I don't care Emily is there and she'll tell my father. I wrap my arms round William's waist and press my body to his. I lean up and press my lips to his lightly. When I pull away Emily's eyes are narrowed. "Lets go" I tell William and pull him out of the room.

The End

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