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I returned to my upright position, right behind Rose, who had given me her back. Was she doubting me? Pain mingled with anger surge to my heart, then I smothered both of them as I placed both my hands on Rose's delicate shoulders. I lay softly my chin, resting on her shoulders, my face inches from hers.

"Why do you think I am playing with you?" I asked mockingly, my finger caressing her cheek, her gaze was now set down. Her eyes were immerse in confusion and bewilderment. My heart hammered hard on my chest as I awaited her answer.

"You have not answer my question," she said, her eyes had a fierce and determined brightness.

I sighed, defeated. "Rose..." I whispered turning her toward me, placing a thumb underneath her chin and lifting her lovely face toward me. Everything was settled between our eyes, or that was what I hope, for this time when I leaned down she did not turn around. I placed my lips against hers, the window of possibility of ever having her was opened. 

My lips left hers and settled on her forehead, inhaling the soft fragrance of her hair. My hands start sliding down her arms until I took hold of her smooth hands. From the corner of my eyes I saw a figure looming toward us, I jerked my head from Rose and kept a distance from her, our hands still entwined.

"Lord Ashbrook, I am glad to see you are an early riser," the powerful voice said.

My eyes searched the owner of the voice raven eyes. He was looking at me with scorn and contempt, I returned him a polite gaze. "Good morning Mister Well," I said. Rose let go of my hands and turn toward her father, flushed.

"Can I know what is going on here?" Lord Well asked, he was stepping forward, analysing Rose and me. His eyes grew with suspicion as he approached. "What are you discussing that have detain you for so long."

"Nothing father," Rose answered, an edge in her voice.

"Young lady, I told you change your present state," he snapped at Rose.

"If I may, I think those garments fit Rose very well," I said as politely as I could. I was angered at how her father treated Rose.

"Young William," he said, "when you have reached a certain age, say mine, you will soon understand ones concerns toward their child. You would want your children to thrive in society and life, have them rightfully married, and have them start a family of their own."

"And I guess a father has much say in whom his daughter has permission to talk to?" I asked challengingly. I noticed Rose shift nervously on her feet, she gave a silent stealthy look, begging me to keep quiet.

"Among other things," he said in a calm voice. "Will you please join me on a walk around the garden, Lord William?" He beckoned me to follow him through the door leading toward the garden.

I followed Rose's father outside, before crossing the threshold I gave Rose an assured look. She was rooted on her spot, her hands clasped together as in a prayer. In my eyes she look so benign and pure, her innocence was not corrupted. She was an angel to my eyes.

I walked with Lord Well around the bushels of perfectly trimmed rose bushes, roses that reminded me of Rose, and I was certain it was the same feeling for Rose's father.

"You are a healthy young man, Lord William," he started, "you are an enchanter with the ladies, it was clear during last night's ball." He had his arms behind his back as he walked around the fountain.

"I don't consider myself an enchanter though," I said, "I consider myself the enchanted."

He gave me a solemn look from the corner of his eyes, "Rose is far too gentle for your liking," he said with assurance."I would rather you stay away from her, it would be beneficial for both of you." There was a subtle command in his voice.

"I am afraid that will be impossible," I said in a soft, melodious tone. "As I already told you, I am the enchanted. Rose is a captivating little creature." I saw a vein pulse in his forehead, but I did not regret my words.

"You will ruin her, William," he said, disdain in his voice, "for two years I painfully saw her crying her little heart out for you, for your indifference, and for your ways with the ladies. I don't want to see her suffer for a person like you, anymore."

"I won't," I said, loud and determined. What kind of monster was I? How could I fathom ever hurting Rose? My mistakes would not repeat themselves, no these ones at least. Rose would not shed a tear of sadness because of me, no, I was to make sure of that.

He stared at me, disbelief in his face, he felt almost insulted by my words. "Leave," he said in a rough voice.

"Good day," I said, bowing my head slightly and turning on my heels to leave him alone, under the shadows of the sycamore tree. I walked every step with pride and confidence.

From now on Rose, everything will be different.


The End

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