Ophelia: Waking UpMature

It was when the sunlight fell upon my face that my eyelids fluttered open. I blinked rapidly in hopes to remove the exhaustion from my eyes, but it was in vain. Forcing myself into a sitting position, I did my best to gather some comprehension of my surroundings.

The night had faded into a sort of fog within my mind. I was struggling to remember, but all I could recall was the black haired beauty, Rebecca. The way she had led me through the crowds, told me who to dance with and who to avoid like the Plague. The way she  had tossed her head back in laughter and eyed up the boy who dared to dance with every girl there. William, I thought to myself. I didnt know where these revalations came from.

The room I was in now was exquisite, all bay windows and elaborate gold wallpaper. Fit for a royal. I was just a girl who hid in the shadows, who wore a bit too much eye makeup and cried at all the wrong moments. I was anything but royal, and I didnt deserve to be here.

Wherever here was. Throwing back the covers, I dragged myself from the bed. I was eager to explore this nightmare, to decode all of its secrets. What I assumed was the wardrobe leaned against the wall on the other side of the room. I crossed to it, opened the doors to reveal more clothes than I'd ever seen in my life. Dresses of the most extradinary kind, ballgowns with embroidery and lace. What might have been a thousand pairs of heels.

A knock at the door caused me to swallow my shock, to compose my expression. I was wearing some sort of nightgown. I didnt hesitate to call the visitor in. When the door swung open, it was to reveal Rebecca, looking beautiul in a simple white dress, lowcut and edged with red lace. Like an angel. My breath caught in my throat.

Rebecca smiled at me as she closed the door behind her and strode over to me. Every move was graceful, flawless. I found myself captivated by her. "Good morning, doll," She greeted softly. Now she stood before me, close enough for me to reach out and trail a finger down her jawline. I might have, too, if she hadnt beat me to it. Rebecca's fingers were trembling against my cheek. "You aught to get dressed for breakfast."

I nodded like I had some clue, but I was just too distracted by her. Her wide eyes,  a perfect combination of innocence and allure. "Okay," I murmured. "Want to help me?" The words tumbled out before I could stop them. I recoiled from her quickly, but when I looked to her face again, Rebecca was smirking like the devil himself.

"That's my girl," she purred, drawing me into her arms. I didnt know what to do, whether to hold her or pull back. I told myself it was all going to come together eventually, that I merely needed t be patient. This would either make sense, or I'd wake up.

The End

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