Rose: Not a dreamMature

I find myself flipping through the pages of 'my' journal lying beneath the covers of the bed in 'my' room. Then I find a paticularly interesting page.

"Dear Diary,

I find being the true lady of the manor house hard. Of course over the couple of years I have welcomed in many but today.... was very surprising.

A young lord came to the house. William Ashbrook, he is to now be staying at the manor.... of my personal request. Father was annoyed. He'd rather I'd show more interest in Charles but... he is more like a brother to me.

Oh, but William. I could tell from one look that he was a flirt, a charmer. Yet, I can't help myself but enjoy his company... in a way I shouldn't. I might need to stay away from him if I am to keep my innocence

Rose Xx"

That was two years ago..... what changed? I began to flick more quickly through the pages and stopped on one that caught my eye.

"Dear Diary,

William tried to kiss me today but I didn't let him. I turned my back like I always do and this time I felt even more the wanting deep within my heart. I must not though. Farther would be furious if I was to continue this way....."

I blink looking at the page and skipt to another part.... aparantly this was yesterday. I find my eyes widening as I read.

"...Apart from all that I have a confession. I have decided that I will face my father's wrath. I have decided that even if everyone sees... I will kiss William tommorow. No exception. I do hope he does not turn me down....

I do hope that we can now be together...."

Those are the last words I read before I fall asleep.


When I wake up I almost think I'm back at home in the 21st century but then I see and hear all of it. The song of birds outside my window, the canopy above the four poster bed. I sit up and sigh heavily. "Why am I still here?" I mutter. I slip off the bed and move over to my wardrobe. I open in and find myself smiling. I pull out the trousers and tight rosey top and slip it on. As I run down stairs I find myself moving to a kitchen.

A lot of curtsy's and bow's are given with a mumbled "Lady Rose" as I pass. I skip over to the cooker where a young female stands. "Ellie" I call. "What is for breakfast?"

The woman turns with a smile. "Full course as usual. Don't worry, Miss Rose, your requirments are being met"

I nod with a smile but feel completely confused inside. I move out of the kitchen and... BAM! "Ouch" I call and look up. Suddenly, I feel nervous and frightened, inferior almost. "Father!" I gasp.

"Rose" he sighs. This is my father? I find myself almost understanding since his grey eyes hold silver and his hair is a raven black. "Why must you wear that?" I look down at my clothing and feel annoyance rise in me.

"Cause I want to father" I say then stride past him. I turn and corner... the thwack! Yet again. "I'm sorry!"

"No need, Rose" I freeze and look up into William's dark eyes.

"Oh, William" I whisper. He smiles and slowly leans down to press his lips to mine. I don't let him. I turn my back. "No, William. I-I have to know if your serious about this. I don't know what history we've had but I need to know if these kisses you are granting me are serious?"

The End

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